Commercial Tea Products

We are the UK distributor for Newby Teas of London and have a wide offering of flavours available to buy online.

Our range of premium tea products include a variety of commercial tea bags from the luxury tea brand Newby Teas of London. As well as our range of Newby tea bags we also have a wide selection of Newby Silken Pyramid tea bags with tea flavours for all to enjoy. The third section of our tea products is our variety of loose leaf tea pouches. We also offer a range of tisanes.

Newby Black Tea & Ginger Tea Bags

Newby Black Tea & Ginger 25's

A unique blend of well-loved and traditional flavours, Black Tea & Ginger combines citrusy lemon with soothing yet spicy ginger.


Newby Chamomile Tea Bags

Newby Chamomile 25's

Chamomile, known as chamomile tea, is in fact not a tea at all. Made purely from aromatic white and yellow chamomile flowers, this time-honoured beverage is perhaps the world’s most famous tisane.


Newby Ginseng Oolong Tea Bags

Newby Ginseng Oolong 25's

A light, aromatic tea, Ginseng Oolong is another of Newby’s unique offerings. Comprised of the finest oolong, semi-fermented for a distinctive flavour, and powdered ginseng root.


Newby Peppermint Tea Bags

Newby Green Lemon 25's

Steamed in the traditional Japanese style, Green Lemon tea combines the delicate flavour of young, needle-like leaves and wonderfully citrusy lemon pieces.


Newby Morocco Gren Tea Bags

Newby Moroccan Mint 25's

A calming blend of green tea and spicy peppermint leaf, Moroccan Mint is a time-honoured blend inspired by the tea-drinking practices of Morocco’s nomadic Tuareg people.


Newby Oriental Sencha Tea Bags

Newby Oriental Sencha 25's

A light green tea that heralds the arrival of sunnier months and moments of peace, Oriental Sencha blends spring-plucked tea leaves and delicate flower petals for a truly beautiful cup.


Newby Peppermint Tea Bags

Newby Peppermint 25's

Often mistakenly called Peppermint tea, Peppermint is a tisane proffering intense menthol flavours and a wonderfully uplifting aroma.


Newby Rooibios Orange Tea Bags

Newby Rooibos Orange 25's

Hailing from South Africa, Rooibos is a tisane created by blending the finest red bush leaves, grown only in the Cederburg mountain area just north of Cape Town.


Newby Rosehip & Hibiscus Tea Bags

Newby Rosehip & Hibiscus 25's

A deep-red tisane with a wonderfully balanced sweet and tart flavour, Rosehip & Hibiscus is a floral powerhouse.


Newby Strawberry & Mango Tea Bags

Newby Strawberry & Mango 25's

The perfect blend for those who love the refreshing flavour of luscious spring fruits but crave the gratifying taste of quality black tea, Strawberry & Mango blends Sri Lanka’s finest Ceylon teas.


Newby Summer Berries Tea Bags

Newby Summer Berries 25's

A rich tisane combining the rich flavours of raspberry, blackcurrant, blackberry and cherry, Summer Berries is an invigoratingly fruity blend.


Newby Chamomile Silken Pyramids Tea Bags


Well-loved for its calming scent and flavour, Chamomile has a long history of adoration.


Newby Earl Grey Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Earl Grey

A British classic and a royal favourite, Earl Grey takes its name from the eponymous Prime Minister who so loved the scent of bergamot and orange in smooth black tea.


Newby English Breakfast Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

English Breakfast

Celebrated and enjoyed the world over, English Breakfast tea is the drink of the nation.


Newby Ginger & Lemon Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Ginger & Lemon

An invigorating combination of ginger and lemon, this spicy tisane is a classic blend by Newby.


Newby Hunan Green Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Hunan Green

A refreshing green tea with a difference, Hunan Green Silken Pyramids contain a loose leaf that originates from China’s Hunan Province, one of the country's most celebrated tea-growing regions.


Newby Jasmine Princess Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Jasmine Princess

A unique and subtly fragrant tea, Jasmine Princess is carefully made from spring-harvested green tea leaves.


Newby Peppermint Silken Pyramids Tea Bags


Spicy whole peppermint leaves are enclosed in a luxury silken pyramid to slowly and carefully release invigorating menthol oils.


Newby Rooibos Orange Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Rooibos Orange

Hailing from South Africa’s mountainous Cederberg region, Rooibos is a rich, distinctive tea that perfectly complements the sweet citrusy notes of Newby’s orange infusion.


Newby Strawberry & Mango Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Strawberry & Mango

A fruity tisane of strawberries and mango pieces, this blend is uniquely flavourful and refreshing.


Newby Upper Assam Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Upper Assam

Hailing from the remote Assam region of north east India, Newby’s Silken Pyramids contain whole leaf second-flush Assam tea.


Apple Strudel (1)

Apple Strudel

250g Loose Leaf Pouch Our premium Apple Strudel tea combines irresistible tastes of baked apple and cinnamon with warming, aromatic spices. From our loose leaf tea pouch range.


Black Leaf & Thyme

Black Tea & Thyme

Newby’s prime-flush Black Tea & Thyme blend has a sweet, earthy taste, complementing the malty aroma of mountain herbs.


Chamomile Loose Leaf Tisane Tea


Our premium Chamomile tisane is a soothing natural blend made only from chamomile flowers - perfect after dinner.


Cinnamon Loose Leaf Tea


250g Loose Leaf Pouch Newby’s spicy Cinnamon tea is a full-bodied black tea with a smooth taste and warm cinnamon aroma.


Elderflower Lemon Loose Leaf Tisane Tea

Elderflower & Lemon

A fresh, caffeine-free infusion, our Elderflower & Lemon tisane has an invigorating sweet taste and fine citrusy aroma.


Fruity Berries Loose Leaf Tisane Tea

Fruity Berries

Our fine caffeine-free Fruity Berries tisane refreshes with sweet and sour notes of cherry, blackberry and raspberry.


Garden Berries Loose Leaf Green Tea

Garden Berries

A fresh infusion combining fine green tea with fruits including cranberry, redcurrant and raspberry, Garden Berries is delectably sweet with a slightly tart finish.


Ginger Lemon Loose Leaf Tisane Tea

Ginger Lemon

Made with root ginger and lemongrass, our caffeine-free Ginger & Lemon tisane is distinctive, spicy and warming with a fresh, lasting finish.


Gunpowder Loose Leaf Green Tea


Gunpowder is a fragrant green tea rolled into pebbles, with a full-bodied taste and mild, smoky finish.


Chamomile Loose Leaf Tisane Tea

Hunan Green

Only the most fragrant and fresh tea leaves go into making our exquisite Hunan Green.


Jasmine Pearls Loose Leaf Green Tea

Jasmine Pearls

Hand-rolled green tea leaves infused with fragrant jasmine blossom make our Jasmine Pearls tea sweet and floral.


Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaf Black Tea

Lapsang Souchong

Our smoky Lapsang Souchong tea is a dark chocolate-coloured black tea with a sweet aroma and layered taste.


Mango Strawberry Loose Leaf Tisane Tea

Mango & Strawberry

Our fine Strawberry & Mango tisane blends 2 delectable fruits for a balanced sweet and sour taste with hints of honey.


Masala Chai Loose Leaf Black Tea

Masala Chai

A warming Indian black tea blended with fine exotic spices including ginger, cardamom and cinnamon, our Masala Chai loose leaf tea is full-bodied and fragrant.


Milk Oolong Loose Leaf Tea

Milk Oolong

Newby’s premium Milk Oolong tea is layered and floral with a temptingly creamy caramel aroma.


Oriental Sencha Loose Leaf Green Tea

Oriental Sencha

Our luxury Oriental Sencha green tea has a floral taste and fine fruity aroma of mango and papaya.


Peppermint Loose Leaf Tisane Tea


Our caffeine-free Peppermint tisane has a spicy aroma and cool, penetrating taste.


Newbyteas Loose Leaf Tisane Persian Rose Buds 1 (1)

Persian Rose

This unique, floral tisane is made purely from whole Iranian rosebuds.


Rooisbos Orange Breakfast Loose Leaf Tisane Tea

Rooibos Breakfast

Newby’s caffeine-free Rooibos Breakfast blend is noted for its rich, nutty taste and sweet orange and mango aroma.


Rooibos Tiramisu Loose Leaf Tisane Tea

Rooibos Tiramisu

Our caffeine-free Rooibos Tiramisu tisane combines indulgent tastes of chocolate and coffee with a sugary cocoa aroma.


Rosehip Hibiscus Loose Leaf Tisane Tea

Rosehip & Hibiscus

Newby’s caffeine-free Rosehip & Hibiscus tisane is rich and fruity with a slightly tart finish. A fine aromatic blend from our loose leaf tea pouch range.


LOOSE LEAF TEA White Silver Needle

Silver Needle

Silver Needle is a fine white tea from China’s Fujian Province, delicate and slightly creamy with a honey-melon aroma.


Tropical Delight Loose Leaf Tisane Tea

Tropical Delight

Rich and vibrant, our Tropical Delight tisane has a spicy mango aroma and a sweet vanilla finish. A fine, fruity choice from our loose leaf tea pouch range.



What types of Tea do we offer?

Our range of premium tea products includes a variety of commercial tea bags from the luxury tea brand Newby Teas of London. We are the UK distributor for Newby Teas of London and have a wide offering of flavours available to buy online. As well as our range of Newby tea bags we also have a wide selection of Newby Silken Pyramid tea bags and loose leaf tea pouches with plenty of flavours for all to enjoy.

Where does our Tea come from?

Our Newby Tea comes from all over the world, including Germany, China, Sri Lanka or even India. Check the specific origin in the aroma and taste section of their product pages to find out exactly where your tea of choice originates from.

Can the packaging be recycled?

At Newby, the environmental impact of our packaging is an area we continue to examine and evolve. Newby tea bags have been certified as being biodegradable, made from wood pulp and abaca. Our Silken Pyramid bags are made from corn starch.

As a company that values social responsibility, we will continue to refine our processes and look for new ways to comply with environmental standards.

How should you store Tea?

Cool, dry place.

How much does our Tea range cost?

Our tea range prices range from £4.50 to £57, depending on type of flavour and tea.

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