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It’s no secret that for as long as we can remember (and a long long time before that!) Ethiopia has provided some of the world's best premium coffee beans. Of course, that means that as Cafe Du Monde stocks only the very best coffee, it has a huge selection of Ethiopian coffee beans available online, via our website.

Cafe Du Monde has been providing high quality coffee (as well as coffee machines) for over 25 years, to businesses across the UK. As a family-run business that has a passion for coffee, this expertise has been passed through the generations making the company what it is today. The very best of its kind.

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Single Origin Yirgacheffe beans from South West Ethiopia, wet processed to protect the light body and high acidity.

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Ethiopian Coffee characteristics

Ethiopian coffees are best known for their complexity with a pungent, winey quality and a distinct wildness in their acidity. The profile is often described as citrus and floral. Coffee is harvested between November and February each year on relatively small plantations.

Ethiopian coffee is typically sold by region, and there are nine distinct growing regions. The best-known top three are: Yirgacheffe, known for its sweet flavor and aroma with a light to medium body; Sidamo, which produces full-bodied and complex coffee with a bright finish; and Harrar in the eastern region, which creates dry processed coffee. These coffee beans are rated some of the highest in the world.

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Ethiopian coffee grades

Ethiopia is known to have a broad variety of coffee, each with its own unique aroma, taste and flavor depending on the growing regions and each area’s distinct environmental conditions. They are classified into more than 30 different varieties/types based on their origin of production. The Ethiopian government strictly monitors and controls the coffee in all levels throughout the supply chain.

Ethiopian coffee grading is based on the combined result of physical and liquor taste values, and visual inspection of flaws and is set out by the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) and the American Coffee Quality Institute in Ethiopia. It has adopted the current coffee grading scheme based on that of CQ with score values. Grades range from 1-9 with coffees graded 1 or 2 earning a "Specialty Coffee" status which are sold at a higher price per pound.

The classification of green coffee beans is also further divided based on the method of the coffee processing as dry (natural) and washed (wet processed) coffee given that these are the only two raw coffee processing methods used in Ethiopia.

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The best Ethiopian coffee beans

One of the most popular Ethiopian coffees that Cafe Du Monde stocks is the Single Origin Yirgacheffe coffee beans, from South West Ethiopia. These are wet processed to protect the light body and high acidity; and the result? A very special good coffee, perfect for filter and cafetière.

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Ethiopian coffee facts

As it’s usually such a popular choice of brew, there’s a lot that people know about Ethiopian coffee, but here are few interesting facts you might not be aware of:

  • In Ethiopia, coffee is an important part of the culture, and a respected daily event is the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony
  • Coffee was first discovered in the region of Kaffa in 850 AD by an Ethiopian goat herder
  • Ethiopia coffee is grown on mountainsides at 1,500 to 2,200 metres above sea level
  • The Ethiopian Coffee Exchange (ECX) was set up in 2008 to smooth out pricing and help protect the farmers from volatility in the market, which could affect their livelihood


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“I have worked with Café du Monde in various roles for 12 years, having first learned about them from an article in The Caterer. Their coffee is by far the best I have sampled, equalled only by the first-class support service they provide. They are, without doubt, my number one supplier.”



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