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We are proud to be the UK distributor for Newby Tea of London - which is the most awarded luxury tea brand in the world. We serve all sectors across the nation so whether you are a coffee shop or a leisure centre - our range of commercial tea bags will put a smile on the faces of your customers. 

Newby Black Tea & Ginger Tea Bags

Newby Black Tea & Ginger 25's

A unique blend of well-loved and traditional flavours, Black Tea & Ginger combines citrusy lemon with soothing yet spicy ginger.


Newby Chamomile Tea Bags

Newby Chamomile 25's

Chamomile, known as chamomile tea, is in fact not a tea at all. Made purely from aromatic white and yellow chamomile flowers, this time-honoured beverage is perhaps the world’s most famous tisane.


Newby Ginseng Oolong Tea Bags

Newby Ginseng Oolong 25's

A light, aromatic tea, Ginseng Oolong is another of Newby’s unique offerings. Comprised of the finest oolong, semi-fermented for a distinctive flavour, and powdered ginseng root.


Newby Peppermint Tea Bags

Newby Green Lemon 25's

Steamed in the traditional Japanese style, Green Lemon tea combines the delicate flavour of young, needle-like leaves and wonderfully citrusy lemon pieces.


Newby Morocco Gren Tea Bags

Newby Moroccan Mint 25's

A calming blend of green tea and spicy peppermint leaf, Moroccan Mint is a time-honoured blend inspired by the tea-drinking practices of Morocco’s nomadic Tuareg people.


Newby Oriental Sencha Tea Bags

Newby Oriental Sencha 25's

A light green tea that heralds the arrival of sunnier months and moments of peace, Oriental Sencha blends spring-plucked tea leaves and delicate flower petals for a truly beautiful cup.


Newby Peppermint Tea Bags

Newby Peppermint 25's

Often mistakenly called Peppermint tea, Peppermint is a tisane proffering intense menthol flavours and a wonderfully uplifting aroma.


Newby Rooibios Orange Tea Bags

Newby Rooibos Orange 25's

Hailing from South Africa, Rooibos is a tisane created by blending the finest red bush leaves, grown only in the Cederburg mountain area just north of Cape Town.


Newby Rosehip & Hibiscus Tea Bags

Newby Rosehip & Hibiscus 25's

A deep-red tisane with a wonderfully balanced sweet and tart flavour, Rosehip & Hibiscus is a floral powerhouse.


Newby Strawberry & Mango Tea Bags

Newby Strawberry & Mango 25's

The perfect blend for those who love the refreshing flavour of luscious spring fruits but crave the gratifying taste of quality black tea, Strawberry & Mango blends Sri Lanka’s finest Ceylon teas.


Newby Summer Berries Tea Bags

Newby Summer Berries 25's

A rich tisane combining the rich flavours of raspberry, blackcurrant, blackberry and cherry, Summer Berries is an invigoratingly fruity blend.


Newby tea

Great flavour with every sip

All of our luxury tea bags promise a cup of tea with unforgettable character and flavour thanks to Newby’s team of expert tasters. Our wide range of Newby Tea flavours has something that everyone will enjoy and you can order all of our Newby Tea bags online. The range of flavours includes the likes of Newby Assam, Newby Earl Grey, Newby English Breakfast, Newby Black Tea, Newby Ginseng Oolong, Newby Peppermint, Newby Summer Berries, tisane tea bags and many more.

If you are looking for a sweet tasting tea then the Newby Summer Berries might be the perfect tea for you with its sweet flavour combined with sour notes and a tangy finish. Our Newby Sencha Green tea bags let you enjoy a light green cup of tea with subtle fragrance whilst Newby Earl Grey tea bags bring a citrus twist to black tea. If you are looking for Assam tea bags online - we have got you covered; just as we have if you fancy Masala Chai tea bags. We have some of the best Oolong Tea online with Newby Ginseng Oolong tea bags as well as Newby Milk Oolong tea bags. What more could you ask for from an oolong tea supplier? Our mint tea options include Newby Moroccan Mint tea bags as well as Newby Peppermint tea. One of the best-loved blends is the Jasmine tea bags. If you are looking for the best Newby teas to accompany your breakfast - then look no further than our Newby Breakfast Tea Bags.

The best tea bags from around the world

The tea used in our tea bags is the finest - thanks to Newby’s tea tasters testing thousands of cups from a variety of gardens and choosing the best from each season’s harvests. With quality vary from season to season in each garden, Newby are not tied to a single garden so they can ensure that the tea is the best quality each season. It is always being evaluated to ensure the highest quality. We have the best tea bags from all over the globe making us the best online tea bag shop as well as the perfect choice when looking for a speciality tea supplier in the UK. The list of countries where our tea comes from includes: Sri Lanka, Germany, China, India, Kenya, South Africa, South America and more.

Tea pouring into mug

Commercial Tea Bags

Finding the right commercial tea bags for your business is crucial to keeping employees and customers happy with a great tasting brew - and what better way to treat them then to stock up on a much loved brand? At Cafe Du Monde, we have supplied businesses across the nation for over 30 years and have worked across all sectors. No business is too big or too small for us. Whether you are looking for a tea room supplier or you are a large office looking for a supplier of the best tea bags for an office - we have got you covered. We have been a bulk tea supplier to many businesses across the UK and we look forward to helping you take your business’ hot drinks to the next level.

Employee in cafe

Tea bags for the kitchen

If you are looking for tea bags to fill up the kitchen cupboards to ensure you are getting the perfect brew at home - then shop our tea bags online today. You can buy your favourite flavours of tea in bulk to make sure you don’t run out of your favourite drink!

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What types of Teabags do we offer?

Our range of premium tea products includes a variety of commercial tea bags from the luxury tea brand Newby Teas of London. With Flavours from Black Tea and Ginger, Summer berries Berries or even Peppermint. 

Where does our Tea come from?

Our Newby Tea comes from all over the world, including Germany, China, Sri Lanka or even India. Check the specific origin in the aroma and taste section of their product pages to find out exactly where your tea of choice originates from.

How to make the best Tea Bag Tea?

Use freshly boiled water and brew for 2-3 minutes.

How much does our Silken Pyramids Tea range cost?

Our Teabag prices range from £4.50.

Can the packaging be recycled?

At Newby, the environmental impact of our packaging is an area we continue to examine and evolve. Newby tea bags have been certified as being biodegradable, made from wood pulp and abaca. Our Silken Pyramid bags are made from corn starch.

As a company that values social responsibility, we will continue to refine our processes and look for new ways to comply with environmental standards.


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