Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

As a proud UK distributor of Newby Tea for London we bring to you a wide range of Newby Silken Pyramid Tea Bags. We supply Silken Pyramid tea bags to businesses from all sectors across the UK and we supply the best so that you can serve the best.

Newby Chamomile Silken Pyramids Tea Bags


Well-loved for its calming scent and flavour, Chamomile has a long history of adoration.


Newby Earl Grey Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Earl Grey

A British classic and a royal favourite, Earl Grey takes its name from the eponymous Prime Minister who so loved the scent of bergamot and orange in smooth black tea.


Newby English Breakfast Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

English Breakfast

Celebrated and enjoyed the world over, English Breakfast tea is the drink of the nation.


Newby Ginger & Lemon Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Ginger & Lemon

An invigorating combination of ginger and lemon, this spicy tisane is a classic blend by Newby.


Newby Hunan Green Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Hunan Green

A refreshing green tea with a difference, Hunan Green Silken Pyramids contain a loose leaf that originates from China’s Hunan Province, one of the country's most celebrated tea-growing regions.


Newby Jasmine Princess Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Jasmine Princess

A unique and subtly fragrant tea, Jasmine Princess is carefully made from spring-harvested green tea leaves.


Newby Peppermint Silken Pyramids Tea Bags


Spicy whole peppermint leaves are enclosed in a luxury silken pyramid to slowly and carefully release invigorating menthol oils.


Newby Rooibos Orange Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Rooibos Orange

Hailing from South Africa’s mountainous Cederberg region, Rooibos is a rich, distinctive tea that perfectly complements the sweet citrusy notes of Newby’s orange infusion.


Newby Strawberry & Mango Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Strawberry & Mango

A fruity tisane of strawberries and mango pieces, this blend is uniquely flavourful and refreshing.


Newby Upper Assam Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Upper Assam

Hailing from the remote Assam region of north east India, Newby’s Silken Pyramids contain whole leaf second-flush Assam tea.



What types of Silken Pyramids Tea do we offer?

Our range of premium tea products includes a variety of commercial tea bags from the luxury tea brand Newby Teas of London. With Flavours from Chamomile, Fruity Berries or even Rooibos Breakfast.

Where does our Tea come from?

Our Newby Tea comes from all over the world, including Germany, China, Sri Lanka or even India. Check the specific origin in the aroma and taste section of their product pages to find out exactly where your tea of choice originates from.

How to make the best Silken Pyramids Tea?

Place one silken pyramid into freshly boiled water left to cool to 80 C. Brew for 3-4 minutes.

How much does our Silken Pyramids Tea range cost?

Our Silken Pyramids tea range prices range from £5.95.

Can the packaging be recycled?

At Newby, the environmental impact of our packaging is an area we continue to examine and evolve. Newby tea bags have been certified as being biodegradable, made from wood pulp and abaca. Our Silken Pyramid bags are made from corn starch.

As a company that values social responsibility, we will continue to refine our processes and look for new ways to comply with environmental standards.

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