At Cafe Du Monde we have been supplying the best espresso coffee beans across the UK for over 30 years. We supply businesses in all sectors with espresso beans; from restaurants to hotels. Not only this, our range of espresso coffee beans for sale online are the perfect way to fill up your kitchen cupboards with great tasting coffee. 

Bag Of Commercial Grand Cru Espresso Beans

Grand Cru Espresso Beans

This is our 100% Arabica espresso coffee blend. It has the best Kenyan AA Grade beans for acidity, citrus notes and a chocolate after taste.


Commercial Premier Cru Coffee Beans

Premier Cru Espresso Beans

This is a blend of Brazilian Fine Cup beans from the Minas Gerais Plateau, Ugandan robustas from the Lake Victoria region, arabicas from Honduras and Bourbon varietal Arabica beans.


Bag Of Commercial Fairtrade Espresso Beans

Fairtrade Espresso Beans

Our Fairtrade espresso coffee is a blend of South America and Africa beans. A full flavoured espresso with a delightful aftertaste is the result.


Commercial Espresso Coffee Beans

Great tasting coffee beans

Our range includes Kenya Grand Cru Espresso Beans which is our 100% Arabica espresso coffee blend. It is a blend of Kenyan AA Grade beans, Brazilian Fine Cup beans and high grade arabicas from Honduras that combine to make a stunning espresso. Our Premier Cru Espresso Beans combine Brazilian Fine Cup beans with Ugandan robustas, arabicas from Honduras and Bourbon varietal Arabica beans from El Salvador in a tasty espresso blend. We also supply Fairtrade espresso coffee beans. Our Fairtrade espresso beans are a blend of South American and African beans which combine to create a full flavoured espresso. At Cafe Du Monde you can discover our range and buy espresso coffee beans online.

The best coffee beans from around the world

At Cafe Du Monde we strive for perfection in everything we do - and that includes our range of espresso beans. All of our beans have an even roast with the perfect blend of flavours, uncompromised quality and consistency. We use the best coffee beans from around the globe in our products with beans coming from countries such as: Kenya, Uganda, Honduras, Sumatra, El Salvador, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Costa Rica and more. When you choose Cafe Du Monde, you choose to serve the best. We also have Fairtrade coffee beans online for you to purchase.

Commercial Espresso Coffee Beans

Commercial coffee beans

When it comes to the best commercial coffee beans - you can count on us. We have been a commercial coffee bean supplier to businesses across the UK in a variety of sectors for over 30 years. Our experienced team can get the best products to suit your business needs. Whether you are looking to buy bulk coffee beans for a cafe or you are looking for wholesale coffee beans for a hotel - we can help you. Our products are priced fairly so that you can serve high quality espresso coffee that you can make profit on. If you are not sure which is the best coffee for espresso or the best choice of coffee beans for your business then get in touch with our specialists today.

Commercial Espresso Coffee Beans

Coffee beans for the kitchen

Not only are our coffee beans great for businesses, they are perfect for use in a coffee machine in your own home. Buying our high quality coffee beans online is the best way to stock up your kitchen cupboards with great tasting coffee so you can relax with the drink that you love. Our 1KG bags will keep you well stocked up and are great for sharing the premium flavours with friends and family.

Commercial Espresso Coffee Beans


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