Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

We work with all industries from the corporate offices to cafés. Our capsules are not just for businesses though, you can order our coffee capsules online to fill up your cupboards at home!

Our range of Nespresso capsules includes Grand Cru Coffee Capsules which is a 100% Arabica espresso blend that combines Grade AA Kenyan beans, Brazilian Fine Cup beans and Arabicas from Honduras. These form the perfect base for a cappuccino or a latte. Our Colombian coffee capsules provide a mild coffee with great flavour. Our Swiss Water Decaffeinated capsules allow you to serve a decaffeinated coffee whilst maintaining a tasty flavour.

Grand Cru Coffee Capsules

Grand Cru Capsules

This is our 100% Arabica espresso coffee blend. It has the best Kenyan AA Grade beans for acidity, citrus notes and a chocolate after taste.


Colombian Coffee Capsules

Colombian Capsules

Colombian is the most widely drunk single origin coffee in the world. This is testament to its great flavour characteristics and solid consistency in supply and quality.


Swiss Water Decaf Coffee Capsules

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Capsules

Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company in Canada purchases coffee from all over the world, meaning the coffee changes according to the originals.


A Little About Us

A family owned and run business, the adventure that is Café du Monde began in 1989 when its founder David Latchem was given a cafetière but couldn't find suitable coffee for it. Today, the company is conscious of its legacy and the world it will be leaving to future generations, and continuously strives to make a difference - and that all starts with a beautifully brewed cup of coffee. Cafe Du Monde is your one-stop shop for all things coffee (and tea!).

From coffee machines, grinders and hot water boilers to consultancy support and servicing, all your caffeine needs are under one roof - not forgetting an exciting range of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and Nespresso compatible coffee capsules.

Latte Art In Coffee Mug

A cornucopia of coffee capsules

Cafe Du Monde boasts an incredible selection of coffee capsules, with ranges including Grand Cru Coffee Capsules, a 100% Arabica espresso blend that form the perfect base for a cappuccino or a latte. These coffee pods contain the best Kenyan AA Grade beans for acidity, citrus notes and a chocolate aftertaste; Brazilian Fine Cup beans from the Minas Gerais Plateau to give a full bodied nutty base; and high grade arabicas from Honduras to add fruitiness and a subtle sweetness.

Colombian coffee capsules are the most widely drunk single origin coffee in the world thanks to the great flavour and solid consistency that provides a mild coffee featuring mild, nutty flavouring with notes of hazelnut and almond often with a slightly fruity acidity.

The Swiss Water Decaffeinated capsules mean you can enjoy a decaffeinated coffee whilst maintaining a tasty flavour.

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We’ve ‘bean’ around the world...

It’s no secret that Cafe Du Monde strives for only the very best quality when it comes to the perfect cup of coffee and this is all thanks to its selections from the finest locations around the world. Coffee capsules are sourced as far as from Brazil, Kenya and Honduras, to Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Sumatra. Each location provides its own unique aroma and coffee capsules flavour.

Commercial Espresso Coffee Beans

Best for business

Cafe Du Monde has spent a lot of time researching and supplying the best commercial coffee capsules, so that businesses can serve their customers the best possible coffee. From hospitality to hospitals, coffee shops to offices, there’s one thing they all have in common - and that’s the need for great tasting coffee which is where our cafe Nespresso commercial pods for coffee machines come in. We work with all industries to ensure that the very best is exactly what they’re serving their customers with our Nespresso business capsules.

Coffee Capsules

Capsules for the kitchen

Want to know the best part? Our fab coffee capsules aren’t just for businesses to enjoy. With a click of a button (or with some additional advice and support should you need it!), our coffee capsules are available to order online for you to fill up your cupboards at home!

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We have over 30 years experience, so you'll be working with the leading experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso machines?

All of our coffee capsules are compatible Nespresso coffee capsules. This means that you can use them in your Nespresso machine and enjoy our great tasting coffee. If you are looking for what other coffee capsules fit Nespresso, look no further than Cafe Du Monde!

Can coffee capsules be resused?

For the best results we only recommend using our coffee capsules once.

How much coffee is in a coffee capsule?

Our coffee capsules have enough coffee in for you to enjoy one tasty coffee! You can purchase our coffee capsules online in boxes of 10 capsules or 60 capsules. This is the perfect way to fill up the kitchen cupboards with high quality coffee pods or stocking up for your business.

How should you store coffee capsules?

We recommend that you store our coffee capsules in a cool and dry space.

How do coffee capsules work in Nespresso machines?

Coffee capsules machines work in different ways. The original Nespresso machines peirce three holes into the top of the pod before pumping the correct amount of heated water to the capsule under high pressure. The foil covered side of the capsule then bursts and releases the coffee.

The VertuoLine Nespresso machines work differently. These machines read the barcode of the pod before optimising the brewing process for that specific drink. The capsule is then spun up to 7000 rotations a minute whilst the ground coffee is blending with water to produce the great tasting coffee that we love.


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