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Our Client Portal

Our client portal makes life easier - from hosting
information that you might need, to ordering
a fresh batch of beans.

Our client portal is a secure place for our clients to visit if they’re aiming to seek information about either our services, products or company insights and much more. It’s a deeply informative and convenient place to be a part of if you’re looking to view and repeat previous orders, access records on staff barista and sommelier training; the list goes on…

What are the benefits of using the client portal?

There are a bundle of benefits to our portal, it’s exactly why we created it!

Nowadays, society is all about convenience, so how would you feel if we told you that our portal allows you to purchase through invoice or directly on your card - pretty great right? Personal discounts will be pre-generated at checkout and clients can easily order products within their agreement as well as additional products outside of their agreement. But wait, it gets better - the portal offers easily accessible support services from our sales team and there is also a dashboard that houses all of the client’s contracts, audits, services, maintenance, staff training statuses and more. Clients can conveniently place orders through the portal at any time of the day 24/7 and create lists of their most favoured and / or regular products as well as also accessing their service history and equipment audits.

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Who can use the client portal?

Our portal is available for all trade customers - whether you own a coffee shop and need to top up on the most popular coffee beans or you’re looking to keep your office employees caffeinated and the staff kitchen stocked with delicious coffee, our client portal was created for you - you can thank us later.

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How do you sign up to the client portal?

When making your first order with us, you’ll be offered the choice of signing up to our client portal, it’s a quick and easy process and we promise it will be worthwhile.

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Why choose CDM over other coffee providers?

It’s hard to not be biased when we know we’ve put our blood, sweat and tears into our coffee (not literally, don’t worry). Over many years, we’ve carried out extensive research into everything coffee and that’s why we recommend choosing Cafe Du Monde over other coffee suppliers.

Not only do we know our stuff but we’re also adapting our ways to become more sustainable. We aim to be as ethically and environmentally sourced as possible with fully recyclable packaging and recycling emissions so you can sip on delicious coffee knowing you’ve done your bit for the Earth. And now, we don’t only create and sell our machines but offer further assistance on our portal into the nitty gritty things such as cleaning sheets, instructions and drinks menus; all the things you never knew you needed.

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At Café du Monde, we’re all about making things as easy as possible for our clients.


With access to our client portal, you get access to personal discounts.

ORDER 24/7

You can use our portal to order products and machines at any time of day, on any day of the week.


Our portal provides you with easy access to our support and sales team.

How we can help - find your sector to understand our expertise.

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