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Corporate Social Responsibility.

How we serve the world better

The Environment

Café du Monde is committed to reducing its impact on the environment; it’s an issue we all feel strongly about, and we pride ourselves on the steps we have taken, and will continue to take, to make sure we are addressing this.

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fully recyclable packaging

2020 has been a landmark year for us to improve our sustainability; we are one of the first companies within the industry to introduce fully recyclable packaging for all ground coffee and 1kg coffee bags. This is very much a starting point for Café du Monde; the rest of our packaging will soon follow.

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Recycle Emissions

Convection roasting is also an important process that we have specifically chosen to use at Café du Monde, meaning all our coffees are roasted by convection heat in a fluid bed roaster. This is the most effective way of heating coffee beans evenly through to their centre, avoiding burnt or over-baked beans.

In fact, convection roasting is twice as efficient and we also recycle any emissions from the chamber. The process allows us to get a much higher yield from the coffee, and therefore use less coffee to make the same amount.

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Ethically Sourced

And of course, our coffee is ethically sourced and direct traded. After all, this is our passion, and we only purchase our beans from a very select list of farms that have been vetted, so we know exactly where our coffee comes from and we’re confident that it adheres to our set of ethical standards.

We are a licensed distributor with the Fairtrade Foundation, which guarantees that disadvantaged producers in the developing world are getting a better deal. We also work closely with The Rainforest Alliance.

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