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If you don’t already know, we hold everything about coffee close to our hearts - from beans to machines. We’ve left no stone unturned when it comes to researching what makes a great coffee, so you can trust anyone who recommends our commercial pod coffee machine to you. All of our machines are of the highest quality, and this includes our coffee capsule machine. You’re in safe hands, we promise.

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Café Plus Capsule Machine

Café Plus gives customers the choice of making coffee or tea


What are the benefits of using a coffee pod machine?

Coffee pod machines come with many benefits that help perfect things such as flavour, time efficiency and convenience.

Manually crafting a coffee can sometimes be daunting - waiting for the kettle to boil, making sure to accurately measure the coffee to your liking etc. - but with a coffee pod machine, these days are gone.
The water in the machine heats up in just an impressive 40 seconds (say goodbye to your time consuming kettle!). The machine ensures precise dosing control for the perfect hot beverage, whether this be espresso, Americano or tea - yes you can also make tea in our machine!

Top tip: This machine offers the choice of boosting your water’s temperature - perfect for a cold winter’s day. Still not sold? There is also a very intelligent programmable dosing memory that allows you to alter the extraction; ideal for those of you who have a favoured cup - as most do!

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What types of coffee can be made using coffee pod machines?

When purchasing our coffee pod machine, you needn’t worry about what coffees you’ll be able to make in the machine. Our coffee pod machine is incredibly versatile as it allows you to brew any coffee from a latte to a cappuccino to an Americano to an espresso. If you’re a diverse coffee drinker, our elegant machine was made for you.

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Coffee pod machines for work or home

You don’t have to worry about our coffee pod machine sticking out like a sore thumb in your kitchen, office or meeting room - our machine is slick and compact with a stylish design that is bound to fit perfectly into any environment.

Our machine is a non-mess affair and a quick and easy to use product, so there’s no room for worrying about co-workers leaving a mess or there being a long wait in the queue (we can’t promise that there won’t be a queue at all though!)

And just to add the cherry to the cake, not everybody is a coffee lover (strange, we know), but our tea fanatics can still enjoy the use of our machine.

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