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Commercial Franke Coffee Machines

When it comes to manufacturers of commercial coffee machines, Franke is up there with the best. They are designed for commercial use and over the years they have continuously improved the machines they produce.

At Cafe Du Monde we have a variety of Franke coffee machines for you to choose from. We have machines to suit all types of businesses. As well as this we offer repair and serving for Franke coffee machines - should you need a trusted partner to help you if you have an issue.

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Franke A1000 Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Franke A1000

A1000: A new level of indulgence

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Franke A800 Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Franke A800

A800: Limitless inspiration

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Franke A600 Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Franke A600

A600: All you need for perfect coffee

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Franke A400 Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Franke A400

A400: Premium everywhere

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Franke Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

We have a range of Franke bean to cup coffee machines for you to choose from. The first Franke professional coffee machine is the Franke A400. The A400 is a sophisticated bean to cup machine that has a touch screen on the front which is ideal for self service. It can serve 100 cups per day. It has a fully automatic cleaning system, customisable menu, milk foaming system and more. Next up is the Franke A600. This coffee machine has been the product of Franke innovation. It can serve up to 150 cups per day and has a user-friendly touch screen - perfect for self service. The machine can make a variety of drinks and there is also an option to add an Iced Coffee Module.

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Even more options

We also have the Franke A800. The Franke A800 bean to cup coffee machine can deliver great tasting beverages quickly and delivers 250 cups per day. It is made to cope with high demand. The A800 can make any beverage that you desire which is just one of the reasons why it is a top performer. It has a triple boiler system that means it can handle large order quantities in a short period of time. It has unbeatable milk foam quality, thanks to the FoamMaster™. As well as this, you can also add on an Iced Coffee Module so that you can serve iced coffee. It features a 10.4 inch touchscreen that is easy to use. Up next in our list of Franke machines is the A1000. The Franke A1000 brings luxury to bean to cup coffee machines and can make any of your favourite coffee drinks consistently with great flavour. It can serve 350 cups per day. The innovation behind the machine allows it to give a personal experience to everybody who operates the machine. From three separate boilers to precise coffee bean grinding, the A1000 has it all. It has a large screen on the front that will enhance user experience, drive sales and increase efficiency.

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Franke Coffee Machines For All Business Sectors

No matter what sector your business operates in, there is a Franke commercial coffee machine that is perfect for your business. The smaller Frank A400 is perfect for businesses of all sizes but is particularly a great coffee machine for a small business - such as a convenience store, book shop, small bakery etc. The Franke A600 is ideal for small to medium sized businesses and is great for large offices, hotels and restaurants. The A800 is perfect for businesses that serve a lot of coffee each day such as a busy cafe whilst the A1000 is perfect for large businesses who serve lots of drinks each day.

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