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Mazzer Coffee Grinders UK

Distributed in 90 countries worldwide and well known for quality, reliability and design, Mazzer is a leading manufacturer of coffee grinders, grinder-dosers and accessories.

Cafe Du Monde supplies only the very best brands of commercial coffee grinders to businesses across the UK to help them serve the best coffee. We have a wide range including Mazzer coffee grinders to speed up the process of delivering great coffee to clients, and are always on hand to discuss the types of coffee grinders and their benefits to help keep you informed when choosing the best one for your business needs.

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Mazzer Mini Electronic Commercial Coffee Grinder

Mazzer Mini Electronic A

Electronic grinder-doser with flat blades suitable for low consumption.

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Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic Commercial Coffee Grinder

Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic

Electronic grinder-doser with flat blades suitable for medium consumption.

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All About Mazzer

Founded in the 1940s between the two World Wars by Luigi Mazzer, the company first began the production of professional coffee-grinders and grinder-dosers. It quickly became a major player and was given the name Mazzer.

Over the years with advancements in technology and innovation many things have changed, but Mazzer’s passion for mechanical engineering and for everything to be fully compliant has always stayed the same. Whilst the company is headed to the future, it’s clear that it is still in touch with its past values, leadership and high quality standards in this sector. All of the Mazzer espresso grinders are produced in the Mazzer Gardigiano di Scorzè plant and from there they are shipped and sold in over 90 different countries in the world, including here at Cafe Du Monde.

Commercial Espresso Coffee Beans

Commercial Mazzer Coffee Grinders For Sale

The Mazzer Mini Electronic has a coffee bean hopper capacity of less than 1kg and boasts on-demand grinding with electronic dose adjustment and stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment. This Mazzer mini grinder for sale also features a digital display with shot counter as well as single and double dose with independent adjustment for ease.

Its overall weight is 10.2kg and dimensions are w168mm x d340mm x h470 mm with a grind speed of 1400rpm.

The Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic also has a coffee stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment, on-demand grinding with electronic dose adjustment as well as single and double dose with independent adjustment; the difference is it contains a larger coffee bean hopper capacity of 1.2kg. Hand tamper and support for tamping are also included, along with the handy digital display with shot counter.

It’s available in a single phase version only, and has the same grinding speed as the Mazzer Mini Electronic. Its overall dimensions are w240mm x d420mm x h610 mm and net weight is 14kg, which is larger and heavier than the Mini.

Commercial Espresso Coffee Beans

Mazzer Coffee Grinders For All Business Sectors

When you’re looking to buy an industrial coffee grinder, it is important that you’re getting a reliable and durable machine that is fit for purpose.

Our two Mazzer electronic grinders each have their own features and benefits to suit specific business sectors. The Mazzer Mini Electronic A has on-demand grinding and is perfect for low consumption, whereas the Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic is ideal for medium consumption and is a great choice with on-demand coffee bean grinding and a bean capacity of 1.2kg.

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