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Vitro Coffee Machines


The Vitro Coffee Machine range is a sleek and professional solution to commercial coffee demands. Providing delicious, professional coffee in a user-friendly machine. At Cafe Du Monde, we provide effective solutions to your commercial coffee requirements with in-depth training programmes, continued support, and incredible machines. 

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All About Vitro

A high performance, visually impressive, sleek and powerful coffee machine: the Vitro range is your ideal partner in creating a perfect cup of coffee in a commercial setting. The Vitro Range is a bean-to-cup machine offering touchscreen ease, sleek visuals, high power and high capacity for all kinds of commercial coffee requirements. 

The Vitro coffee machine range is ideal in a variety of commercial settings. Grinding fresh coffee beans and brewing quality coffee for the perfect cup each time. The touch screen functions ensure ease of use in even the busiest of environments, creating consistently delicious cups of coffee, filled perfectly each and every time.


Choose from the following Vitro coffee machines


Vitro X1

The Vitro X1 Espresso is a compact, elegant and contemporary looking coffee machine designed to provide peace of mind on medium demand environments providing consumers with a consistent high standard

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Vitro X3 Espresso

Vitro X3

Freshly made ground espresso based drinks along with milk & chocolate.

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Vitro X3 Espresso

Vitro X4

Optional media screen, freshly made espresso and free standing machine canister capacity

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X1 Mia

Vitro X1 Mia

Foam Sweet Foam in a compact footprint

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Vitro Bean To Cup Machines


Vitro X1 

The Vitro X1 is a compact and elegant bean-to-cup machine with all the power and precision to continually deliver an incredible cup of coffee. The machine is operated by a sleek touch screen, offering a variety of milk-based drinks such as Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, White Coffee, espresso-based drinks and hot chocolates. 

Your Vitro X1 is best suited to the demands of a medium requirement commercial space such as a commercial office, a smaller cafe, or a restaurant. 



X1 Coffee Machine

Vitro X3

The Vitro X3 is a slightly more professional and powerful machine that brews with a 9-bar pressure. The pressure allows the X3 to offer genuine espresso-based drinks, providing authentic Italian style beverages for every taste and preference. The X3 has a slightly higher capacity and output, best suiting this machine to busier commercial environments where the capacity of drinks and incredible quality of coffee is paramount. The X3 has a similar stylish touchscreen control system providing a sleek and professional aesthetic to any commercial space. 


Vitro X4

Following the same design as the rest of the Vitro coffee machines, the X4 features a professional and clean touchscreen layout. Combining all the incredible features of the X3, the X4 goes a step ahead and serves as the perfect commercial coffee machine for offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, and more. 

Touchscreen Machine

Vitro X1 Mia

A cut above, the Vitro X1 MIA is a compact, elegant and contemporary looking coffee machine with the most up to date user technology. Your X1 Mia will deliver delicious drinks with fresh milk for velvety cappuccinos or latte macchiatos with a deliciously thick layer of foam. The X1 Mia is an incredible, compact coffee machine that suits perfectly in any location.

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Commercial Vitro Coffee Machines For All Business Sectors

The Vitro coffee machines offer a range of benefits that make them an excellent choice for various business sectors, including cafes, hotels, and restaurants. These machines are designed to deliver high-quality coffee consistently, ensuring customer satisfaction, perfect coffee and enhancing the overall experience of your business. 

In cafes, Vitro coffee machines provide baristas with the tools they need to craft delicious beverages precisely and consistently. In the hospitality industry, including hotels and restaurants, Vitro coffee machines are an ideal choice due to their reliability and efficiency. With these machines, you can provide hotel guests and restaurant visitors with a convenient self-service coffee experience available in offices, hotel reception areas, breakfast areas, or in-room setups. 


Available to purchase, lease or rent

Our Vitro coffee machines come with a variety of helpful purchasing options. You can outright buy your machine, or trial our lease and renting options for a flexible and effective way of testing out if the machine is right for you. Simply get in touch to find out more. 



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