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An incredible espresso making experience on a truly exceptional coffee machine, the Astoria coffee machine range is powerful, visually striking and performative. Engineered with incredible attention to detail, these machines provide the perfect espresso making partner for your baristas. 

At Cafe Du Monde we care about great coffee and want to provide baristas everywhere with not only a reliable partner but also in-depth training. Browse our coffee machines today.


All About Astoria

Renowned for their exceptional quality and performance in the realm of espresso-making, Astoria coffee machines are a must have for your business. The Astoria espresso machines have consistently delivered cutting-edge technology and Italian craftsmanship, catering to the diverse needs of coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The innovative design of the Astoria coffee machine combines precision engineering and attention to detail, pioneering Astoria as a favoured choice for professional coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants who value not only exceptional coffee but an incredibly designed machine too.  Whether it's the reliability of the machine, the bold aesthetic or the advanced features of their digital models, Astoria coffee machines offer an unparalleled brewing experience, consistently producing flavorful and incredible coffee.


Choose from the following Astoria coffee machines

Astoria Storm Commercial Espresso Machine


The Showstopper… A beautiful machine paired with experienced engineering.

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Astoria Pratic Avant Commercial Espresso Machine

Astoria Pratic Avant

A workhorse machine with a striking retro design.

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Astoria Espresso Machines


Astoria Storm


The pinnacle of espresso-making: the Astoria Storm Espresso Machine is designed with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled precision. The Storm combines power, performance, and innovation to deliver an exceptional brewing experience for your commercial business. Its sleek and modern design captures the attention of entering customers, while its advanced features and customisable settings cater to the unique preferences of baristas and coffee aficionados. Using this machine feels like a smooth drive on a sunny day. 

The Storm boasts a powerful dual boiler system, temperature stability, and precise control, ensuring consistent and high-quality espresso shots every time. Whether in a bustling cafe or a speciality coffee shop, the Astoria Storm Espresso Machine stands as a symbol of craftsmanship and dedication to the art of espresso-making, elevating the coffee experience of your customers with each drink.



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Astoria Practic Avant


The Astoria Pratic Avant Espresso Machine is both functional and elegant with a focus on user-friendly operation and exceptional performance. The Pratic Avant is designed to meet the demands of busy coffee establishments and high end restaurants where high-quality coffee is paramount. The sleek and contemporary design seamlessly integrates into any setting while also boasting advanced features, such as volumetric dosing and programmable settings to ensure a consistent and precise espresso. The Pratic Avant's reliable heat exchange system and powerful steam wand enable fluffy milk frothing, making it a versatile choice for crafting a wide range of speciality coffee beverages, perfect for professional cafes and coffee shops. 

With its exceptional build quality and the Astoria coffee machine's commitment to excellence, the Pratic Avant Espresso Machine is a reliable and stylish workhorse that delivers outstanding results for baristas and coffee enthusiasts.

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Commercial Astoria Coffee Machines For All Business Sectors

The Astoria coffee machines range is versatile, visually impressive and powerful. These machines excel in delivering consistent and high-quality espresso shots, making them ideal for coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants where excellent coffee is desired. With their advanced features, such as programmable settings, volumetric dosing, and temperature stability, these machines empower baristas to achieve precise control over the brewing process; crafting consistent and satisfying coffee for customers.

In addition to their exceptional performance, Astoria machines are designed to handle high-volume environments. Their durable construction and reliable components make them capable of withstanding the demands of a busy commercial setting. Equipped with efficient steam wands for quick and consistent milk frothing and user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, baristas will feel empowered by their new machine.


Available to purchase, lease or rent

Our Astoria commercial coffee machines come with a variety of helpful purchasing options. You can outright buy your machine, or trial our lease and renting options for a flexible and effective way of testing out if the machine is right for you and your commercial business. Simply get in touch to find out more about our lease or rent options. 



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