• Newby Chamomile Silken Pyramids Tea Bags

Chamomile Silken Pyramid Tea Bags

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Well-loved for its calming scent and flavour, Chamomile Silken Pyramid tea bags have a long history of adoration. Considered the elixir of youth in Ancient Egypt and now a go-to for softening the effects of a stressful day, this tisane is as lovely as the flower it derives from. Enjoy it as it should be enjoyed, within a luxury silken pyramid for a balanced brew. Multi-wrapped for freshness, Newby’s Silken Pyramid packaging depicts the many treasures of the Chitra Collection, an opulent selection of antique tea wares.


A bright yellow cup with a perfectly balanced floral and grassy aroma, followed by a light, subtle and sweet aftertaste.

WEIGHT 37.5g
ORIGIN Germany
INGREDIENTS Chamomile Flowers
BREWING METHOD Place one silken pyramid into freshly boiled water left to cool to 80 C. Brew for 3-4 minutes.
STORAGE Cool, dry
Tea pouring into mug

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