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Persian Rose

This unique, floral tisane is made purely from whole Iranian rosebuds. Offering a perfectly balanced and subtle rose petal aroma, light pink buds infuse hot water creating a delicate brew that tastes as divine as it looks. Naturally caffeine-free, this light and gentle bouquet transports the drinker to a peaceful place, reminiscent of fresh English borders and luxurious Persian rose gardens. Enjoy this fresh tisane with hot water for a pure, natural infusion or add a little to your favourite green and black tea blends to lend classic and traditional flavours a unique floral twist.


A light golden cup with a subtle rose aroma, a gentle floral taste and a mild, lingering finish.

BREWING METHOD Use 5g of rose buds per cup. Add freshly boiled water (100 degrees) and brew for 6-8 minutes.
STORAGE Cool, dry

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