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How to make milk foam

Learn how to foam milk.

There’s something about having a thick layer of foam on the top of your coffee that makes it feel and taste so much more luxurious - and when it comes to top coffee, Cafe Du Monde are your experts. From the machines and equipment designed to create the ultimate brew, advice and training for large and small businesses, right through to an expansive range of products used to make a fantastic cuppa, Cafe Du Monde is your one-stop shop for all things coffee, tea and hot chocolate!

Our guide below will take you through the process of how to make milk foam.

How to foam milk with a steam wand

Many enjoy using a steam wand to create milk foam for coffee and hot chocolates. Not only is the wand cost effective compared to a machine, portable and easy to clean, but it can be used to create milk foam in under 20 seconds - ideal for your coffee break at home.

While we would highly recommend this tool for coffee makers at home, it wouldn’t be suitable for larger businesses, as manually creating foam wouldn’t be sustainable with the time it takes for one cup.

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How to make milk foam without a frother

If you don’t have a steam wand or frother, there are still a few ways in which you can manually create milk foam. These include: using a mason jar and then the microwave, or by adding warm milk to a french coffee press and pumping to incorporate air into the milk.

While these methods are cost effective and still used today, they might be handy for a one-off brew at home, but for a business which needs high quantities of foam for luxurious lattes, they’re far too time consuming.

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It is much easier with an espresso machine

Both of the above methods are possible and commonly used at home today, but businesses that need to create multiple cups of incredible coffee every hour of the day would massively benefit from investing in a machine that suits their business needs.

Several of the innovative machines available at Cafe Du Monde feature an auto steamer system for foaming milk at just the touch of a button; these include: La Spaziale, The Storm which boasts steam boost functionality for better, smoother foamed milk; the Jura X8 is another great solution for creating foamed milk as it is incredibly versatile and can prepare the full range of speciality coffees finished with milk and milk foam.

Commercial Coffee Machine

Why would you want foamed milk?

The most important thing to remember about foamed milk is that, essentially, it upgrades your brew from a standard one to a luxurious one. Popular drinks that feature a layer of milk foam include the classic latte, a creamy cappuccino, a chocolatey mocha, a macchiato, a tea latte ,a new favourite on the block, and a chai latte.

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Our Range Of Espresso Machines

Astoria Storm Commercial Espresso Machine


The Showstopper… A beautiful machine paired with experienced engineering.

Jura X8 Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Jura X8

The robust, versatile and professional coffee solution. The X8 is incredibly versatile: it can prepare the full range of speciality coffees finished with milk and milk foam as well as black coffees.

Jura Giga X8C Commercial Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Jura Giga X8c

Built for maximum performance. The GIGA X8 is the completely new generation of automatic coffee machines for professional use from JURA.



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