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The benefits of coffee machines for hotels

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Hotels are a place of relaxation, enjoyment and restoration, where guests can really sit back and enjoy their stay in their home away from home. One of the most common amenities that people look for when staying in a truly remarkable hotel is a coffee machine, with the most premium coffee of course. Coffee is an integral part of a lot of people’s daily routine and a morning cup of coffee is a must for most people, at home and on their travels. For this reason, having a coffee machine in a hotel can be a great asset for both the guests and the hotel itself and is a huge amenity for a lot of guests. Below we’re going to look at the benefits of having a coffee machine and the best places to put your hotel coffee machine for a great stay and happy guests. 

Benefits of coffee machines for hotels:

Convenience: A coffee machine in a hotel provides guests with not only the convenience of having coffee readily available at any time of day or night, but the delight of having a coffee whenever they fancy. It saves them the hassle of having to leave the hotel to find a coffee shop, which can be time-consuming and expensive for guests, and puts you in a negative space for guests who truly value their morning (or evening) cup of coffee. 

Cost-effective: By having a coffee machine in a hotel, guests can avoid having to spend money on expensive coffee drinks from outside vendors and will likely leave them feeling more positively about their stay. 

Increased guest satisfaction: Providing a coffee machine in the hotel room or lobby can significantly increase guest satisfaction. It is a simple yet effective way to enhance the guest experience and make them feel more comfortable during their stay. Plus, everyone loves the smell of freshly brewed coffee. 

Competitive Advantage: A hotel that provides a coffee machine in the room or lobby has a competitive advantage over hotels that do not. This can be a deciding factor for guests when choosing between different hotels and a great recommendation point for when guests discuss their stay. 



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Self-service coffee machines:

Self-service coffee machines are usually placed in public areas of the hotel such as the lobby or the breakfast area. The benefits of having a self-service coffee machine in these areas can be 

  • Convenience: Guests can easily access the coffee machine and make their own coffee whenever they want without having to wait for room service or staff assistance. It’s easy for guests, doesn’t provide an issue for staff and everyone gets a delicious cup of coffee whenever they please. 
  • Cost-effective: Self-service coffee machines can save on labour costs as they do not require staff to make coffee for guests.
  • Customisation: Guests can customise their coffee by selecting the type of coffee and amount of milk and sugar they prefer easily and simply.

In-room coffee machines:

In-room coffee machines are placed in the guest rooms themselves. The benefits of having an in-room coffee machine are:

  • Convenience: Guests can make coffee in the comfort of their own room whenever they want, without having to leave their room or interact with staff, which can be a real plus, especially if you’re an avid coffee drinker. 
  • Personalisation: Guests can customise their coffee to their liking and make it as strong or weak as they prefer in the comfort of their own room. 
  • Privacy: In-room coffee machines provide guests with a sense of privacy as they do not have to leave their room to make coffee.
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Staff-controlled coffee machines behind bars:

Staff-controlled coffee machines are usually placed behind bars or in the hotel restaurant and can be delivered to the guest’s room via room service. The benefits of having a staff-controlled coffee machine are:

  • Quality control: Staff can ensure that the coffee is made to a high standard and meets the expectations of the guests. This is especially important if you’re providing delicious and beautiful coffee creations with foamed milk and pretty latte art. 
  • Personalisation: Guests can still customise their coffee by communicating their preferences to the staff and experience some great service from your hotel which can be a great selling point and positive of your hotel. 
  • Atmosphere: Having a staff-controlled coffee machine behind a bar or in the restaurant can create a pleasant atmosphere and enhance the overall dining experience. And as mentioned above, who doesn’t love the smell of freshly ground coffee through the lobby or restaurant area? 

Ultimately, a coffee machine is an integral part of a lot of people’s daily routine and an almost fundamental part of the hotel experience. For a lot of people, having a coffee machine at their hotel is a given, and so if your hotel doesn’t offer a coffee machine in some capacity, this is your sign to change that and begin offering guests some delicious premium coffee, within their rooms, in communal areas, or behind your restaurant or cafe bar. For the hotel sector, the best coffee machines tend to be bean to cup machines as they don’t require any specialist barista training and can provide a high volume of great quality coffee time and time again. Browse our bean to cup machines and make your guest experience that little bit better. 

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