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A family owned and run business, Café du Monde, began in 1989 when David Latchem was gifted a cafetière but couldn’t find great coffee for it. Today, it continuously strives to make a difference and stocks only the finest coffee in the world but also understands that even with the best of the best sometimes a little coffee training and guidance is necessary.

An interesting and handy coffee training course is available to all those that sign up to become a Cafe Du Monde customer and trust us when we say we’ll help revolutionise your business and take it to the next level by refining your techniques through our training sessions.

Wide range of coffee training courses

Have the right products, ingredients and tools but feel like your business needs some training in order to get the best out of your offering? That’s no problem as we’re here to help you learn all about coffee and tea with Cafe Du Monde via our range of useful guides, tasty recipes and training solutions.

Our barista training covers everything from a coffee making course to learning about cleaning machines and all all the steps in between in this process to ensure the best outcome - fantastic coffee of course! We know the importance of on-the-job training and the benefit of having this training onsite using machines in the environment you’re accustomed to which is why we’ll come to you - representatives from our Académie du Monde will train on site in your familiar surroundings. Whether you are a barista in a local cafe looking to learn more or the manager of a large hotel group looking to boost staff skills - our training courses can help.

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Take your coffee to a new level

There are so many benefits when it comes to training. Not only will we help you define your processes and techniques with the overall outcome being creating the best brew on the block, we’ll go a step further explaining the importance of tasks such as cleaning that may seem menial but will benefit your business from a financial and quality standpoint for years to come.

Our coffee training is also a fantastic way to enhance your employees’ skills, confidence and keep them motivated and inspired to go the extra mile. Our world-class training will improve staff morale and knowledge, quality, offering and most importantly gross margins. It’s an investment that will last a business a lifetime.

Cups And Spoons
  • Coffee Beans In Mug


    Introduction to the origin of coffee and the production process.

  • Commercial Espresso Machine Making Drink


    Your equipment and how to make the perfect espresso with our coffee making course.

  • Latte Art In Coffee Mug


    Learn how to properly foam and texture your milk.

  • Latte Art In Coffee Mug

    Drinks menu

    Understand how to make every drink on the menu and the differences between them.

  • commercial coffee machine


    Keep your equipment clean for better tasting espresso and longer lasting equipment.

  • Commercial Espresso Coffee Beans


    How to maintain your coffee grinder.

  • Commercial Espresso Machine Making Drink


    How to program and adjust your espresso machine.

  • Commercial Coffee Machine


    Advanced methods to look after the equipment and extend its life.

Benefits of taking our coffee training courses

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Boost Your Sales

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Serve Better Coffee

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Grow Your Knowledge


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