Newby Verbena Tea Bags

Newby Verbena

25 teabags

A time-honoured herbal blend, Verbena is a gentle, citrusy tisane with its roots in South America. Also known as verveine or lemon verbena, the plant was used in ancient medicine, holy rituals and eventually brought to Europe by Spanish and Portuguese merchants the 17th century. Newby’s Verbena tisane is made from the long leaves of premium plants and nothing else. Offering a citrusy aroma and mild verdant flavour, Newby’s Verbena tea bags are perfect for after dinner. Soothing and caffeine free, each bag is individually wrapped to preserve the craft of fine tea.



A pale green-yellow cup with a citrus aroma, lemon notes and a refreshing herbal aftertaste.

ORIGIN South America
DEL. TIME 1-2 days
BREWING METHOD Use freshly boiled water and brew for 3 - 5 minutes.
STORAGE Cool, dry
Tea pouring into mug

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