Newby Green Sencha Tea Bags

Newby Green Sencha

25 teabags

Seeking the subtleties of each variety is part of the joy of drinking green tea. Green Sencha has a unique flavour, owing to its fine spring-plucked leaves, steamed in the traditional Japanese style. The fresh steam preserves the dark tone and antioxidant-rich quality of the leaves and makes this blend a particularly refreshing choice first thing in the morning. Newby’s Green Sencha offers a verdant aroma and delicate rice-like flavour. Experience the true craft of fine tea with Newby’s Green Sencha tea bags, individually sealed for freshness.


A light-green cup with a subtle, fresh fragrance. Balanced with hints of rice and a smooth finish.


DEL. TIME 1-2 days
BREWING METHOD Use freshly boiled water cooled to 80C and brew for 1-2 minutes.
STORAGE Cool, dry
Tea pouring into mug

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