Coffee Capsules

Our 30 years of experience in the coffee industry has been passed down into developing a range of the best coffee capsules to accommodate the rise of capsule coffee machines. All of our capsules are Nespresso compatible capsules. We supply businesses with the best commercial coffee capsules so that businesses can serve their customers the best tasting coffee. We work with all industries from the corporate offices to cafés. Our capsules are not just for businesses though, you can order our coffee capsules online to fill up your cupboards at home!

Our range includes Grand Cru Coffee Capsules which is a 100% Arabica espresso blend that combines Grade AA Kenyan beans, Brazilian Fine Cup beans and Arabicas from Honduras. These form the perfect base for a cappuccino or a latte. Our Colombian coffee capsules provide a mild coffee with great flavour. Our Swiss Water Decaffeinated capsules allow you to serve a decaffeinated coffee whilst maintaining a tasty flavour.


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