Commercial Coffee Grinders

At Cafe Du Monde we supply the best commercial coffee grinders to businesses across the UK to help them serve the best coffee possible. We have a wide range of electric coffee bean grinders to speed up the process of delivering great coffee to your clients. If you are not sure which coffee grinder is best for you, contact us today and our team of experts will advise you.

Our range of commercial coffee grinder includes the Mazzer Mini Electronic A which has on-demand grinding and is perfect for low consumption. For medium consumption the Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic is a great choice with on-demand grinding and a bean capacity of 1.2kg. The Anfim Pratica grinder allows on-demand grinding with hands-free operation and is popular with professional baristas. The Mahlkoenig E65s has a modern design with near-silent grinding whilst the Mahlkoenig E80 Supreme is setting new benchmarks in premium espresso grinding.