• Best El Salvador Coffee Beans
  • Best El Salvador Coffee Beans
  • Best El Salvador Coffee Beans
  • Best El Salvador Coffee Beans

El Salvador Cafetiere Coffee

This RFA certified El Salvador coffee is from gourmet bourbon varietal beans grown by the Arrutia family on the Monte Sion Estate in Northern El Salvador.


Coffee grown at Monte Sion is the Bourbon varietal, one of the oldest and purest coffee varieties. Bourbon matures slowly allowing for more flavour, sweetness and body to develop. The result is an amazingly complex coffee once roasted, with notes of caramel, butter, toffee, almonds, hazelnut, ripe fruit, maltiness and chocolate.

Weight 25 x 13g
Origin El Salvador
Del. Time 1-2 days
Characteristics Medium
Brewing Method Cafetiere Coffee single serving
Storage Cool, dry
Commercial Espresso Coffee Beans

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