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STORM Commercial Coffee Machine

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Cafe Du Monde

For us, the STORM ticks 3 boxes. It’s a showstopper art piece that commands attention in any setting. It’s a professional piece of equipment that demonstrates you take your coffee service seriously. It's engineered with every-day use in mind, it’s not precious and unreliable, beauty on the outside, and functional on the inside. In short, it’s a commercial coffee machine with style.

This commercial espresso machine is equally at home on the marble bar of a boutique hotel or on the rustic work-beaten counter of your favourite high-street coffee house.

A force to be reckoned with...

As any good barista will tell you, a coffee machine is only as good as its sidekick, and so with the unparalleled Storm espresso machine you need an unparalleled commercial coffee grinder... We choose the E65S from Mahlkonig. With a clump prevention mechanism, premium 65mm burrs, and near silent grinding the Mahlkonig E65S grinder creates fluffy, well distributed grinds ensuring the very best espresso, consistently. Sat alongside the Storm they are a force to be reckoned with and arguably one of the best-looking teams in the business.

We supply a wide range of sectors with the best coffee machines for their needs, from commercial espresso machines to commercial coffee grinders. Interested to know more? Call or email to arrange a visit from Café du Monde and discover how we serve our clients better, so you can serve your customers the very best.

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