Product: TEABAG 25 Ginseng Oolong

A light, aromatic tea, Ginseng Oolong is another of Newby’s unique offerings. Comprised of the finest oolong, semi-fermented for a distinctive flavour, and powdered ginseng root, this refreshing blend balances ingredients used in ancient medicine to enrich and enliven the body. With a floral aroma and slightly sweet flavour, Newby’s Ginseng Oolong tea is particularly enjoyable during late morning or early afternoon, inducing moments of calm as the day transitions. Discover the craft of fine tea with Newby’s Ginseng Oolong tea bags.


A pale-golden cup with a floral, orchid-like aroma and sweet, lingering finish.

DEL. TIME 1-2 days
BREWING METHOD Use freshly boiled water and brew for 2-3 minutes.
STORAGE Cool, dry