Newby Ceylon Tea Bags

Newby Ceylon

25 teabags

Ceylon tea hails from the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, from which it takes its name. Famed for brilliant gemstones, lush jungles and, of course, the monsoons that cultivate its flourishing tea estates, Sri Lanka is blessed with the perfect climate for growing tea. The warm winds that blow across the island’s south-central mountain ranges contribute to the distinctive character of its fine black blends. Newby’s Ceylon tea bags offer a faintly spicy aroma and fresh citrusy taste, perfect for an afternoon cup. Experience the craft of fine tea with Newby’s refreshing Ceylon blend.


A bright, medium-amber cup with aromatic hints of lemon, a refreshing taste and a full, spicy finish.

ORIGIN Sri Lanka
DEL. TIME 1-2 days
BREWING METHOD Use freshly boiled water and brew for 2-3 minutes.
STORAGE Cool, dry