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Newby Assam

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Assam tea hails from the remote north-east Indian area with which it shares its name. Home to the world's largest single tea-growing belt, it’s here that monsoon rains temper the tea gardens from June to September and balmy temperatures encourage the distinct flavour of the area’s famed blends. Newby’s Assam tea uses only the finest leaves to ensure an exceptionally fine flavour with every cup. A brisk black tea with a malty flavour that’s particularly fortifying at breakfast. Experience the craft of fine tea with Newby’s Assam tea bags.


A bright-amber cup, full-bodied and malty with hints of sweet honey.

ORIGIN North East India
DEL. TIME 1-2 days
BREWING METHOD Use freshly boiled water and brew for 2-3 minutes.
STORAGE Cool, dry