Espresso Coffee Beans

At Cafe Du Monde we have been supplying UK businesses with the best espresso coffee beans for over 30 years. We supply businesses in all sectors with espresso beans from the hospitality industry to restaurants and coffee shops. If you would like expert advice to help choose the perfect beans for you, our specialist team is here to help you - just get in touch. 

Our range includes Kenya Grand Cru Espresso Beans which is our 100% Arabica espresso coffee blend. It is a blend of Kenyan AA Grade beans, Brazilian Fine Cup beans and high grade arabicas from Honduras that combine to make a stunning espresso. Our Premier Cru Espresso Beans combine Brazilian Fine Cup beans with Ugandan robustas, arabicas from Honduras and Bourbon varietal Arabica beans from El Salvador in a tasty espresso blend. We also supply Fairtrade espresso coffee beans. Our Fairtrade espresso beans are a blend of South American and African beans which combine to create a full flavoured espresso. At Cafe Du Monde you can discover our range and buy espresso coffee beans online.