St Ermins Hotel August 13 2014

The St. Ermin’s Hotel in Westminster, a stone’s throw from our seat of government, is part of the emerging history of the capital. It stands on the site of a 15th century monastery founded by Henry VIII after he survived a shipwreck. He attributed his rescue to the intervention of St Ermin, a Welsh saint. The present redbrick building was constructed as mansion flats before becoming a hotel at the turn of the century. A grade II listed 4-star deluxe hotel, it was the venue for guerrilla warfare classes run by MI6 and, post war, the spy connection continued when Guy Burgess handed over state secrets here and MI5 used it as a safe house. Most recently it has formed the backdrop to such feature films as ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘Sid & Nancy’.

Following the refurbishment, St Ermin’s management appointed Café du Monde to provide all the ingredients for the beverage service in all 331 bedrooms. This includes coffee service using stainless steel cafetières with the unique ‘coffee in a bag’ at the heart of the system. It produces superb tasting coffee with a minimum of mess. Alongside this is served a selection of Newby speciality teas, which are also used throughout the hotel. Café du Monde’s bedroom beverage service, called Service en Chambre, is available in two different formats, each beautifully presented in a simulated leather flip-top box, with the name delicately picked out in gold on the lid. It is available for rental or outright purchase. 

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