Breckland Lodge August 12 2014

For 25 years, Breckland Lodge in Attleborough, Norfolk, has been the place to meet, dine and stay. This is a busy place - precisely because it offers superb value in both accommodation and food. General Manager, Colin Kilby, puts its enduring success down to an ability to change with the times. Proof comes in the shape of their recent investment of close to £1million in 11 new bedrooms and a coffee lounge modelled on a high street café bar. 

If constancy and evolution are keystones in its success, they are values that are mirrored in Café du Monde, their beverage supplier, which started delivering coffee here over 15 years ago. The cafetière service from those days is still a mainstay of the menu, but has now been joined by espresso coffee variants made by skilled baristas on a traditional espresso machine. Colin, who has himself been here for 25 years, credits Café du Monde with helping them develop the coffee lounge idea and then equipping it.

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