Effingham Golf Club - Surrey August 12 2014


Very few clubs have such prestigious credentials and yet offer such a cordial welcome in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Effingham Golf Club in Surrey manages the balance quite admirably. The Clubhouse is a Georgian style grade II listed building, standing on the Effingham estate and dating back to 1770. The magnificent ancient cedar tree adjacent is depicted in the present day club logo. The estate was originally gifted to Charles Howard, the first earl of Nottingham by Queen Elizabeth I in grateful thanks for leading the successful English fleet against the Spanish Armada in 1588. Evidence of the feat may still be seen today in the Armada room, where the intricately carved oak fireplace is believed to have come from one of his warships.

Café du Monde was invited to provide the coffee for the Club at the behest of General Manager, Steve Slinger, who has already experienced Café du Monde’s service at a previous Club. A La Spaziale 2 group espresso machine has recently been installed, which the Club purchased outright, following a successful two month trial. Award winning 100% Arabica Grand Cru coffee beans are used throughout the establishment and feedback from members and guests has been unanimously positive.

For Golf Club details go to www.effinghamgolfclub.com.