The Ideal Breakfast Pairings July 15 2014

Croissants and coffee or burritos with a brew? We show you the perfect pairing for your breakfast.

When it comes to breakfast, are you a sweet or savoury fan? Or do you like to mix and match? Wherever your tastes lie, our new series will show you your ideal companion to the most important meal of the day.

There’s a lot to be said on the brilliance of wine tasting and the skill of matching a glass of wine with its dream dish. But have you thought about matching your coffee to your croissant? Or your morning brew to your breakfast burrito? In our new three part series we show you exactly which coffee and tea you should be drinking in the morning – whether you’re in the mood for a traditional fry-up or looking for something a bit more exotic.

First of all we looked at kedgeree. This dish is made up of cooked, flaked fish, rice, parsley, hard-boiled eggs, curry powder, butter or cream, and sometimes sultanas. Some reports say that the dish was first enjoyed in Scotland, before being introduced to India by the Scottish troops. Others believe that it originated as you would expect, in India, and brought to the UK by the British colonials. Either way this is a breakfast to set you up for the day ahead. If you’re a coffee fan, go for a cup of Ethiopian coffee. It has a clean, fruity and refined taste, which compliments the strong flavours in the dish. If you’re a tea drinker then reach for a mug of Green Sencha, which will complement the rice in the dish, and provide a pleasing sharpness in contrast to the spices in the kedgeree.

A continental start to the day means that the coffee and tea must be of the highest quality. Sumatra has an earthy, full bodied and rich flavour, with a smoky finish. It also has a subtle ripe fruit acidity and an unusual liquorice twist, making it ideal for the modest croissant. For tea drinkers it’s a cup of Earl Grey. Again, the tea has a full-bodied flavour with a sweet fragrance and a hint of ripe bergamot orange. In general Earl Grey should be enjoyed with sweet or creamy foods, which is why it goes so well with the sweet, flaky pastry of the croissant.


The best coffee to match this monster breakfast would be our Brazilian batch. It has a complex flavour, filled with notes of syrup, treacle, rich chocolate and peanut, as well as a hint of marzipan and vanilla. The velvety rich sweetness in the cup really compliments the savoury ingredients in the dish. For tea drinkers it has to be another classic start to the day – a cup of English Breakfast tea. Introduced to London by Queen Victoria, this tea is the best way to start the day. And thanks to the strong, rich aroma of citrus fruits it’s a great all-round, refreshing tea. Perfect!

Muesli is the best choice if you have a jam-packed day ahead of you. The combination of the oats, dried fruits, nuts and grains will give you the energy you need, while the mixture of textures with sweet and savoury flavours makes it taste good, too! To match this winning combination we have paired it with El Salvador, a complex coffee with notes of caramel, butter, toffee, almonds, hazelnut and chocolate. It’s heaven in a cup! In terms of tea, it has to be a bright cup of Cranberry. It has a natural freshness, with bitter-sweet juiciness that matches the dried fruits brilliantly.