A guide to our cafetières March 11 2014


With our range of cafetières and coffees we thought it was about time that we explained just how you can use each product, and where you can enjoy them.

In our previous series, at Home, at Work, at Play, we introduced you to a few of our products and places where you can enjoy them. Taste your way through the different types of coffee that we offer, and experiment with the different cafetières to go with them!

One of the most popular products that we carry is our individual cafetière mug. The great thing about this double-insulated mug is that it performs two brilliant roles; a mug which keeps your coffee warm in the same way a flask keeps your soup warm – and your very own individual cafetière. If you’re the only coffee drinker in your office or at home, this means that you can indulge in a mug of gourmet coffee all to yourself! You can drink it at home, in the garden, at your desk – wherever you fancy!

Another popular choice is our cafetière flask. Featured in our at Play series, the flask means you can take our coffee out and about with you – wherever you’re off exploring! Take it on a picnic with family, when you’re camping with friends or to keep you going on the long commute to work. You can be safe in the knowledge that it won’t leak, and you can look on at fellow travellers as you indulge in first class coffee outside of the comfort of your home.

For those of you who are looking for a more traditional design of cafetière to enjoy at home or at work, we have our stainless steel cafetière and our glass & chrome cafetière – both of which come in four different sizes. You can choose from an individual size, two sachets, three sachets or four sachets depending on how much coffee you like, or how many people request coffee at the same time. Our largest sizes are the most flexible, allowing you to make coffee for a couple of people or enough for a larger boardroom meeting. They’re the perfect way to share coffee over a long meeting, and make for a great centre piece.

Get in touch today if you’re unsure which cafetière to choose from, and we’ll be happy to guide you!