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We’re passionate about barista training. We use our Café du Monde history, legacy and reputation to impart our wisdom and share this with others though our coffee training courses. From an introduction to coffee, to cleaning and maintenance, our team of experts will take you through everything you need to know so you can feel confident and serve better.

Barista Training programmes


Representatives from our Académie du Monde will train on site using our barista training manual, so you can learn even more about Café du Monde in a familiar environment with your own equipment. It’s better to feel at home, isn’t it?

We’ll share our knowledge of coffee and the production process, from harvesting to drying, to exporting and roasting. Next, we’ll take you through the key points to remember when using your espresso machine and coffee grinder; being armed with this know-how will help you to serve better.

With fun to be had learning latte art and foaming techniques, plus the opportunity to produce a delicious drink from our coffee menu, our training has been carefully adapted over the years, so you’ll leave feeling confident and proud to serve Café du Monde.

We have a saying here at Café du Monde: an untrained barista stands a chance of making good coffee on a clean machine. A well-trained barista has no chance of making good coffee on a dirty machine. So, our trainers will guide you through the ultimate cleaning tips to get the most out of your equipment.


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